About Longbida

    Brand Story

    Nowadays, denim have become an indispensable element in the fashion industry. After years of development, it has experienced from tooling to fashion. Now, LONGBIDA has also injected its own unique concept into it. We need inspiration from freedom, do not deliberately pursue the trend, and put forward the innovative concept of "simplicity and fashion". Get rid of the stereotyped leisure, and get rid of the cool trend label. A single piece can easily control the fashion, so that everyone can shuttle between the fashion trend and simple taste.


    LONGBIDA has developed a series of ripped, splices, innovations, etc., which are bold but not grandiose, showing unique personality in simplicity. Combined with a large number of user profile data, it has injected deconstruction and tailoring processing, creating a unique brand style, and leading a new way of life for young people.

    A Brief History and Heritage

    Denim clothing is one of the pieces that almost everyone has in their wardrobe. After hundreds of years of baptism, this classic style is still thriving in the fashion industry.However, you may not know that it was not until the late last century that denim formally developed into a worldwide fashion trend.As early as a hundred years ago, in order to meet the tide of the industrial revolution, denim came into being as a kind of work clothes. At that time, denim was a kind of very functional clothing, with many pockets designed for storing various tools at work, which people in other industries would not wear.

    For example, now we call it “jeans”, but at the beginning of the last century, it was called “overalls”. Its hips and legs are relatively loose, which is convenient for work and movement, but also relatively wear-resistant. That is to say, the fashionable clothes that men, women and children all like today were just ordinary work clothes at that time!

    Those who love to wear denim have unique temperament and even an indelible "rebellion", which makes denim become a synonym of classics in the face of changing trends. Three of them will never out!

    1. Jeans

    Although jeans originated from work clothes, with the evolution of fashion, they also show more styles and different styles. Through popular design, contemporary designers make it no longer a basic piece, but a focus in itself.

    1. Denim shirt

    Denim shirt is also a Versatile piece , and its appearance is particularly in line with the public aesthetic. It not only has the casual nature of shirts, but also has a fashionable style, so you can wear them without making mistakes. Both long sleeves and short sleeves are good tools for mixing and matching.

    1. Denim jacket

    The denim jacket has been popular for many years. Every year, they are loved by countless fashion experts and frequently dominate the streets. It breaks through the bondage of traditional jacket and the design details are more and more rich. The style is changeable. Even with a simple T-shirt inside, it can also bring the handsome to the extreme.

    Now check your wardrobe, which one do you lack?