Which Occasions are Suitable to Wear Ripped Jeans? A Styling Guide

Which Occasions are Suitable to Wear Ripped Jeans? A Styling Guide

Ripped jeans are an amazing piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe. This closet staple will spice up any outfit. We know you shouldn’t wear them to work, but there are plenty of great occasions that are perfect for showing off your favorite pair of jeans.

Ready to get some new ideas for how to style your ripped jeans? Keep reading to learn more!

Date Night

Black ripped jeans can very easily be dressed up for a date night. With a nice blazer or an eye-catching top, paired with brightly colored heels, you can fit in at a restaurant or bar with ease.

When styling baggier ripped jeans, make sure your top doesn't have any holes, and that it fits tighter. This gives your outfit balance and takes away from the distressed look that might make the look inappropriate for the venue.

An Outdoor Adventure

Are you ready for a picnic or a day at the park with your dog? Your ripped mom jeans can be the perfect piece to complete your casual Sunday afternoon look. A lighter color palette and a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your eyes will finish the look.

With lighter, breezy colors and the distressed look of the jeans, this look is perfect for spring or early summer. Take your outfit to the next level by finding a large tote to carry your lunch and blanket in!

Hanging Out With Friends

A casual Saturday night calls for high-waisted ripped jeans. Pair them with a sweatshirt and some white sneakers, and you have a look that is trendy, but comfortable enough for a movie marathon.

If you and your friends decide to leave the house, throw on a dark leather jacket and a pair of dangly earrings and go grab a few beers! If you are feeling adventurous, apply some bold red lipstick or dark eyeliner to complete the look.

Concerts and Events

Nothing is better for a concert than ripped jeans. The distressed look fits in perfectly with modern music genres like punk or alternative rock, and ripped jeans will pair nicely with your favorite band t-shirt and some dark boots.

If you are going to a quieter event, like a gallery showing, pair the jeans with a pair of strappy heels and a colorful blazer to create a look that is eye-catching, but with a professional vibe.

Where Will You Wear Your Ripped Jeans?

Are you ready to style your favorite pair of ripped jeans? With so many options, there aren't many ways to go wrong! From nights out on the town to afternoons at the park, ripped jeans are a versatile wardrobe staple that everyone should own.

If you haven't found a pair of ripped jeans that you love yet, check out our selection of Women's Ripped Jeans to find your perfect pair!

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