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When Is It Okay to Wear Ripped Jeans?

There's nothing like a pair of jeans that fits you well. Denim has been a staple pants material for generations, and it shows no signs of slowing down. And luckily for us, ripped jeans have become a fashionable look that expresses confidence and coolness. Popularized by the punk and grunge movements of the 80s and 90s, ripped (or as designers call them, "distressed") jeans are no longer viewed as tattered rags only useful for shorts. However, they're certainly not for every occasion -- so when is it okay to break out the ripped jeans for an event?


Most schools have fairly lax dress codes that allow students to wear anything, as long as it's not plastered in profanity or showing an inordinate amount of skin. Unless your particular school has a strict policy for formal wear or requires uniforms, you're probably fine wearing ripped jeans. However, one thing to keep in mind is how much skin you're showing -- some ripped jeans can show amounts of thigh that a school administrator could find distasteful.

Out On the Town

You're most likely to see people sporting ripped jeans while out at a bar, a restaurant, or at some other public event where there are no dress codes enforced. Ripped jeans are great for summer and fall nights, providing enough warmth for when the air cools down while still leaving you a bit of breathing room. Ripped jeans let you show off your personality type and will help you fit right into any sports bar, dive bar, or middle-tier restaurant. You might have a little more trouble getting into a fine dining establishment with them on, but with a well-placed $20 bill that might not be the case.

Casual Parties

If you're going over your buddy's house to watch the game on Sunday or are attending a friend's birthday party, why not break out a pair of ripped jeans? At this point, there's no way they're not fashionable, and if you're going to be lounging around on a couch eating snacks then why not wear something you feel comfortable in? Even if you have a snootier friend who likes their get-togethers formal, you can still sneak in a pair of distressed jeans if it's part of a coherent outfit -- but we'll leave the design process up to you.


Depending on your place of work and the type of work you do, ripped jeans might be fine to wear. This is especially true for most blue-collar jobs. Electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, and other trade positions allow professionals to pick their own dress code, and practicality is favored over fashion. As long as there aren't any long denim threads that could get caught in something while on the job, you're good to go with your favorite pair of blue jeans.

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