Finding the Perfect Ripped Jeans: A Guide

Finding the Perfect Ripped Jeans: A Guide

Longbida Ripped Jeans Guide

Since jeans were invented in 1873, they have skyrocketed to popularity. It is estimated that every American owns seven pairs of jeans.

A versatile and evergreen item, jeans look good with pretty much everything. But it's now time to meet ripped jeans - traditional jeans' cooler, older sibling. When buying jeans, why not consider a nice ripped pair?

They will give you an effortlessly badass look. But finding the perfect fit can be challenging. In this article, we guide you through purchasing good jeans. Read on for more.

Types of Rips

Ripped jeans are all about the, well, rips. And while ripped jeans may look casual and undesigned, the type of hole or cut determines if they are the right pair for you.

Below are some of the common kinds of blemishes jeans have.


The jeans will have a small hole in the fabric. This gives the jeans an older, more lived-in look. Your legs will also be visible through the hole.

Remember, holes should never be too wide to overshadow the pants. They shouldn't be more than a couple of inches lengthwise, as they look best horizontal rather than vertical.


This is one of the more relaxed jean designs out there. Shreds expose the leg, but a couple of threads still remain that cover up the hole.

Shreds look better horizontal and give a purposefully cool look.


When minor scratches or abrasions are made on the jeans, it is termed a scrape. They differ in size, but look for jeans with scraps distributed across the fabric.

Rip Placement

Placement is probably the most critical thing to look out for when buying jeans. Of course, you want the perfect jeans, but incorrectly placed rips can make everything look out of place.

Depending on the placement, the overall effect can vary greatly.

Thigh rip placement can be tricky to get right. Too high up, and it can be too exposing and unflattering. If you're considering rips on the thigh, opt for holes rather than shreds. This will provide some coverage rather than exposing too much of your legs.

The knees of jeans are an excellent place for rips. Pretty much all types of rips look good on the knee. Shreds, in particular, are well suited, as they look natural. The threads make it appear as though the knee is has worn out naturally.

When it comes to shins, you typically don't find rips. This is because holes and shreds simply look unnaturally when you go that far down. However, scrapes work because they are so small.

Rip Count

Rip count requires some serious deliberation. Too many rips and you give off an unkempt, careless vibe. Too little tears and the full effect of ripped jeans is lost.

What's the right balance? Of course, that will vary on personal preference and the look you're going for.

For a casual, everyday look, we suggest no more than two big rips. They could both be shreds, tears, or a combination. Since scrapes are so minor, you can opt for more of them.

If you're looking for shock value, why not opt for more? Just ensure that the rips are scattered evenly and give off a planned, uniform look.

Best Ripped Jeans Recommendations

We get how tricky it can be trying to find that perfect pair that will last you years. Luckily, we've been in the jean business for a while and have some great recommendations!


Now when it comes to women's fits, there are two main styles you can opt for.

A relaxed boyfriend or mom jeans is one option. These are typically straight cut, allowing easy movement. Look for a light wash denim here, with small rips around the knees.

If you go for the skinny jeans variety, look for a darker wash denim pair of jeans. Here, get crazy with the rips. We love this pair with contrasting fraying around the thighs, knees, and shins.

This variety has more of a party look, as it can be dressed up or down.


Typically, with men's jeans, you have more options.

An evergreen pair of ripped jeans for men will have a baggy, oversized look. Look for your favorite wash of denim, and then consider rip placement. Shreds on the knees and mid-thigh are a great versatile option to dress up or down.

You can also opt for a more straight-leg fit. This will be appropriate for less casual events. This pair is one of our favorites. In light-washed denim, the cut allows for pairing with a formal shirt or a tee.

It comes with giant holes around the knees, which look effortlessly cool. This pair also features light shreds around the thigh and above the knee. However, very little skin is exposed on the shreds.

This provides a great balance with the knee rips for an overall cohesive and stylish look.

Buy the Perfect Pair of Ripped Jeans Today

Ripped jeans are an effortless ticket to cool fashion. Whether you go for a distressed denim look or a more muted jean look, the overall effect will be chic and fashion-forward.

Are you looking for the best pair of jeans? Be sure to check out Longbida. Our quality crafted denim ware is your one-stop shop for comfortable, valuable jeans that will last for yours to come. Find your perfect pair to express your individuality today.

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